Dodgeball Rules

Dodgeball Tournament Rules

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General Information

  • Games will be played with 5 People Per Team- No Substitutes allowed
  • Double elimination tournament- each team is guaranteed 2 games.
  • Each game will be timed for 7 minutes. A team wins by eliminating all of the opposing team’s players. If a team has not won by the end of 7 minutes, the team with the most players left wins. In the event of a tie, the game will go into sudden death. The first team to eliminate a member of the other team wins the game.
  • An official will oversee the time and game play to ensure rules are being followed. All rulings by the official are final.
  • 6 foam balls will be provided for each game.
  • All players must wear sneakers.
  • Teams are encouraged to wear matching color t-shirts or jerseys.


  • Games will be played on a half court at the Greenfield Middle School Gym. Two games will run simultaneously. The final game will be played on the full court.
  • Players are not allowed to cross the sidelines to go out of bounds.
  • If a player goes out of bounds to retrieve a ball, they must go out through the baseline and come in through the baseline.
  • Players cannot linger out of bounds to retrieve a ball. They must retrieve it and re-enter the court immediately, through the baseline.
  • Balls that are out of play can only be retrieved and re-entered into play by active players on either team that have legally left the court and re-entered it, or by the official, who may throw balls back into play at their discretion. Spectators and players that are “Out” cannot retrieve balls and throw them back into play.
  • The center line will divide the teams. Players cannot cross over to the opposing side and may not step on the line.

Start of Play

  • Teams line up on baseline to begin each game. One foot must be on the baseline.
  • Dodge balls will be placed on the center line to start each game, spread out equally.
  • Official will blow the whistle signifying the start of play. Players will charge the balls to gain control.


  • A LIVE dodge ball is a ball that has been thrown but has not touched anything, including the ground, another ball, another player or anything else. A DEAD dodge ball is a ball that has touched another ball, the floor, walls or any other object (including a person) and cannot get another player out.
  • If called out, players must go to the sideline and must not interfere with the game in any way, including retrieving dodge balls.
  • A player is out when they get hit by a live ball thrown by a member of the opposing team from the legal area. Exception: The ball cannot hit the opposing player in the head. Players hit in the head are NOT out.
  • A player is out when they illegally step out of bounds by going over the sidelines or by stepping out of the baseline for any reason other than to pursue a ball out of bounds.
  • A player is out when they step on or over the middle line during the regulation time.
  • A player is out when a ball they throw is caught in the air by an opposing player before it hits the ground.
  • No double outs meaning a player is NOT out if they are hit by a ball in the air after it has already hit another player.
  • A player is NOT out if they are hit by a ball that is then caught in the air by a teammate before hitting the ground. The player that threw the ball is out.
  • If a team member catches a live dodge ball (resulting in the elimination of an opposing player), one member of their team may return to the court in the order in which they were eliminated.

Swearing, arguing, or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and will result in team disqualification.
If players are hit, they should take themselves out of the game even if not witnessed by the official.
ve fun, be safe, and enjoy a day filled with dodge ball.